Basic Principles and Code of Conduct
OUR CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY is to support customers lifestyle and enable each individual to maximize future opportunities through effective use of credit.

As a reflection of this philosophy, OUR MISSION is to provide a wide range of consumer financial services that best meet customer needs and we are committed to serve customers to enhance their lifestyle through our products and services. We adhere to a strict code of corporate ethics and, at the same time, engage in activities which contribute to society.
ÆON Basic Principles
Peace: ÆON is a corporate group whose operations are dedicated to the pursuit of peace through prosperity.
People: ÆON is a corporate group that respects human dignity and values personal relationships.
Community: ÆON is a corporate group rooted in local community life and dedicated to making a continuing contribution to the community.

The ÆON Code of Conduct Commitment
  1. ÆON people are always grateful to the many other individuals who provide support and help, never forgetting to act with humility.
  2. ÆON people value the trust of others more than anything else, always acting with integrity and sincerity in all situations.
  3. ÆON people actively seek out ways to exceed customer expectations.
  4. ÆON people continually challenge themselves to find new ways to accomplish the ÆON ideals.
  5. ÆON people support local community growth, acting as good corporate citizens in serving society.
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